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HSCLA29A Error During AIX Live Partition Mobility

AIX VIOS and HMC error messages sometimes leave a lot to be desired.  As an example, I received the following while validating that one of my partitions would successfully migrate between POWER 595 frames.

Google didn’t come up with too many hits, and the official IBM online documentation says “Contact your next level of support.”  Not exactly what I was looking for.

As it happens, this lpar recently had new LUNs assigned to it.  On a hunch, I ran ‘lsdev -vpd’ on the destination VIO servers and searched for the serial number of the new LUNs.  They didn’t exist.  A quick ‘cfgdev’ on each of the destination VIO servers fixed the problem.  Apparently, I forgot to do that when we added the storage.

To summarize: Error HSCLA29A appears to mean that LUNs are missing from the destination VIO servers.

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